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Walnut China Cabinet

  Walnut China Cabinet -This china cabinet represents a non-traditional furniture form of original design. Although the glazed bookshelf/china display area on top and cupboard below are reminiscent of a traditional "breakfront" form, this piece is much smaller in size. The style is also a harmonious blend: the ogee bracket feet are distinctly Chippendale, but the pattern of figured veneers, boxwood stringing, and claro walnut inlay on the drawers are all elements of the later Federal style, as is the swan neck bonnet.

Federal Settee

  Federal Settee-This piece is modeled on a double-chairback-settee originally made by John and Thomas Seymour of Boston, circa 1805. The complex back, or splat, is made up of individual curved pieces of mahogany that are joined into diamond shapes at the posts and rails. The top, or crest, rail incorporates a combination of different types of lathe work and is Federal Settee-finished with hand carved reeds. Both the crest rail and the legs are inlaid with tablets of contrasting flame birch. The entire settee was made from a single board of mahogany, which included the figured mahogany used as veneer along the front rail. The finish is linseed oil and shellac. The upholstery is cotton damask.

Chippendale Footstools

  Chippendale Footstools-Pairs of carved mahogany ball-and-claw feet support many venerable and massive chests of the Chippendale period in American furniture. However, in this design, four hand-carved ball-and-claw feet support a diminutive mahogany stool so that it becomes serious furniture, with a whimsical air.

Burlwood Stools

  Burlwood Stools-The stools are an original design, but incorporate traditional methods of construction and joinery hand turned cherry legs, stretchers, and seats, adorned with a single hand-carved acanthus leaf on each leg. The legs are joined to the seats with through-tenons that are pinned with rosewood wedges. Each seat is unique a single slab of highly figured maple or spalted sycamore burl. The naturally-occurring defects in the sycamore are stabilized using a pair of rosewood butterfly keys.

Small Cedar Chest

  Small Cedar Chest-A dovetailed cube of lacy-grained sycamore wood is lined with cedar and finished with forged iron hardware. Small (20 inches), simple, sturdy, and functional, this chest is used in a kitchen entryway as a seat when taking off winter boots, as a storage bin for woolen hats and mittens, and, with an optional acrylic liner, as a container for damp or perishable items.
Displaying page : [ 1 ]  2  (1-5 of 10 Examples)

Dorothy Roof Fine Furniture, Handmade, Beverly, Massachusetts